ESPASSO at IDA Rio Design Fair


Oswaldo Bratke dining chair by Oswaldo Bratke. Re-edition of a 1948 piece.


Grude armchair by Fernando Mendes

Banco Trindade 1

Trindade bench by Carlos Motta

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From September 10th to the 14th, the first installment of IDA Rio – International Design and Art fair, will take place, concurrent to the one of the most important art fairs in South America, Art Rio.  For the first time participating at a design fair in Brazil, ESPASSO will exhibit a booth at IDA Rio, with one-of-a-kind and vintage pieces by some of Brazil’s most esteemed contemporary and modern designers.  Along the exhibited pieces is a new, one-of-a-kind bench by Claudia Moreira Salles, the Grude armchair by Fernando MendesTrindade bench by Carlos Motta as well as vintage original pieces by Sergio Rodrigues, Jorge Zalszupin, and the re-edition of the Oswaldo Bratke dining chair. Check out more info about ESPASSO’s booth here.


Lina Bo Bardi: Together at the Triennale di Milano

LBB Together

Bowl armchair by Lina Bo Bardi

LBB Triena

Lina Bo Bardi original drawing for 'Bowl' armchair


Exhibition detail


Detail of the Glass House in São Paulo, 1951, by Lina Bo Bardi

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Opening this weekend in Milan, Italy, as part of the Triennale di Milano, is the traveling exhibition Lina Bo Bardi: Together.  First opened in London in November 2012, curator Noemí Blager identifies the multi-disciplinary nature of Bo Bardi’s revolutionary architecture and design work in Brazil in the 20th century.  “Lina Bo Bardi: Together pays tribute to Lina’s capacity to engage with every facet of culture and to see the potential in all manner of people.” reflects Blager.

Sergio Rodrigues 1927 – 2014

SR ob Ed LA times
SR ob ed civilian
SR ob ed Chic sun
SR ob ed munsif
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Sergio Rodrigues’ passing in Rio de Janeiro earlier this week resulted in an international outpouring of news and mentions.  Known as ‘the father of Brazilian modern design’, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun, Washington Post and other main American and international news heralded the architect designer, calling attention to the innovation and influence of his work and vision, highlighting  the Mole armchair as the most iconic piece of his oeuvre, which won first prize at the international furniture competition in Cantu, Italy, in 1961. At the time declared by Arne Jacobson as “the only model with up-to-date characteristics… not influenced by passing whims, and absolutely representative of its region of origin” cites Mark C.O’Flaherty on the Civilian, the Mole was included in the collection of MoMA, NY, in the 1970′s.  Asked by the New York Times, ESPASSO’s Carlos Junqueira weighs in: “You know he is called the father of Brazilian design… Before him there was no importance given to furniture design in Brazil. He was the first to whom people looked for inspiration.”

Sergio Rodrigues: 1927 – 2014

Sergio Rodrigues
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Sergio Rodrigues original drawing

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Sergio Rodrigues original drawing

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Sergio Rodrigues original drawing

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Sergio Rodrigues original drawing

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Sergio Rodrigues original drawing


Sergio Rodrigues and Carlos Junqueira at the launch of Rodrigues' 'Chifruda' armchair iat ESPASSO NY

Untitled 2

Sergio Rodrigues, Carlos Junqueira, Carlos Motta and Arthur Casas


Sergio Rodrigues celebrating his birthday at ESPASSO NY


Sergio Rodrigues in his Rio de Janeiro atelier.


Sergio Rodrigues at ESPASSO NY.


Oscar Niemeyer and Sergio Rodrigues

1967 Mole ad

Vintage 'Mole' armchair ad


Sergio Rodrigues with a miniature 'Mole' armchair


Candangos Auditorium armchairs by Sergio Rodrigues. Archival image.


Le Corbusier and Sergio Rodrigues


Sergio Rodrigues

Kim novak mole

Kim Novak seated at Sergio Rodrigues' 'Mole' armchair


Sergio Rodrigues and Juscelino Kubitschek


Sergio Rodrigues and his 'Mole' sofa photographed in Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro by Otto Stupakoff.

SR Home Page image 7

Sergio Rodrigues original drawing


Sergio Rodrigues

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“My dear friend Sergio Rodrigues passed away yesterday…  Along with his genius and unique creativity what I will miss the most is his sense of humor, compassion and his friendship. I feel very lucky and blessed to have had him in my life.  Até breve Chefe!”

- Carlos Junqueira

Elle Decor – Ahead of the Curve: Oscar Niemeyer’s Marquesa Bench

Marquesa Elle Decor

Marquesa bench by Oscar Niemeyer at ESPASSO NY.


Marquesa bench, detail, bu Oscar Niemeyer

Marquesa bench

Marquesa bench by Oscar Niemeyer at the Palacio do Planalto - the official presidential workplace in Brasila. -


Marquesa bench original drawing by Oscar Niemeyer

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Oscar Niemeyer‘s spectacular Marquesa bench is spotlighted in the September issue of Elle Decor’s What’s Hot – Dispatches From World Design feature.  Representative of Niemeyer’s signature curves, which conjure the sinuosity of Rio de Janeiro’s mountainous landscape and sensual women, here the forms also play on of the classic scrolled arms of stone roman benches.

The Short Films of Isay Weinfeld

A series of short films by Brazilian architect Isay Weinfled have been recently made available, each being uploaded every two weeks in the app IW Filmes.  Isay Weinfeld’s spectacular shorts give virtual tours of some of his most visionary and celebrated architectural projects, with highly choreographed camera work and accompanying hand-picked score. The films reveal the architectural sites atmospherically, as it also points to Weinfeld’s early, awarded career as film-maker before becoming one of the key voices in contemporary Brazilian architecture.  “The idea to make these films came from my passion for cinema and music.  It’s my work as an architect seen through my filmmaker’s gaze.” explains Isay.

Bamboo Magazine Celebrates 60 years of Sergio Rodrigues’ Mocho Stool

Mocho bamb1

Mocho stool by Sergio Rodrigues


Mocho stool by Sergio Rodrigues

Mocho bamb2
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Sixty years ago Sergio Rodrigues designed his first piece of furniture, marking the beginning of a celebrated career as designer and architect while branding Brazilian mid-century aesthetic along the way.  That piece was the Mocho, which Rodrigues took inspiration from a traditional three-legged milking stool for its form and function. Playful, practical and unique, the design of the Mocho stool signals at signature elements that Rodrigues’ pieces would become famous for, making it a classic piece in the history of Brazilian design, available in the US and Europe exclusively at ESPASSO. Brazilian design magazine Bamboo did a feature on the Mocho on their current issue, celebrating the commencement of a new design era led by good-humored Rodrigues.

The Consulate General of Brazil in New York Exhibits Photographic Work by Eliseu Cavalcante

Screen shot 2014-07-21 at 3.17.40 PM

Eliseu Cavalcante, photograph from Esperança Terena series, 2013

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 4.41.16 PM

Eliseu Cavalcante, photograph from Esperança Terena series, 2013

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This Wednesday, August 13th from 5 – 6pm, the Consulate General of Brazil in New York will host a viewing and cocktail reception for the exhibition Esperança Terena, a photographic project by Eliseu Cavalcante that documents Brazil’s indigenous Terena community. The exhibition will be on view through October 10th. Check here for more information.

A.B. Biagi at Espasso

Biagi_photo (1)

Brazilian gelataria A.B. Biagi, with shop in Nolita, is now serving sorbet and gelato at ESPASSO! For the month of August, A.G. Biagi’s ice-cream cart will be parked at ESPASSO’s TriBeCa showroom, offering Brazilian-inspired flavors, such as chocolate brigadeiro, Romeo and Julieta (guava and ricotta) and açai and banana, to cool off with this Summer!

Casa Vogue Brasil – A Contemporary and Rustic Beach House


Areia house in Trancoso, BA, Brazil by Debora Aguiar.


Areia house in Trancoso, BA, Brazil by Debora Aguiar. 'Asturias' armchair by Carlos Motta featured.


Areia house in Trancoso, BA, Brazil by Debora Aguiar.


Areia house in Trancoso, BA, Brazil by Debora Aguiar.


Areia house in Trancoso, BA, Brazil by Debora Aguiar. Outdoor featuring Asturias rocking armchair by Carlos Motta.


Areia house in Trancoso, BA, Brazil by Debora Aguiar.


Areia house in Trancoso, BA, Brazil by Debora Aguiar.


Areia house in Trancoso, BA, Brazil by Debora Aguiar.


Areia house in Trancoso, BA, Brazil by Debora Aguiar. Details of 'Oscar' dining chair by Sergio Rodrigues and 'Rio' rocking chaise by Oscar Niemeyer


Areia house in Trancoso, BA, Brazil by Debora Aguiar. Details of 'Rio' rocking chaise by Oscar Nimeyer.

Rio 1

Rio rocking chaise by Oscar Niemeyer


Asturias armchair by Carlos Motta


Maria Preciosa side table by Etel Carmona


Mole armchair by Sergio Rodrigues


Oscar dining chair by Sergio Rodrigues

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Located in the famous beach town of Trancoso in Bahia, Brazil, architect Debora Aguiar created a contemporary beach house by integrating modern and rustic elements onto the paradisiacal setting. Replete with comfort, simplicity and elegance, the interiors of the Areia house showcase a mix of Brazilian modern and contemporary design favorites, such as Oscar Niemeyer‘s Rio rocking chaise, Sergio Rodrigues iconic Oscar dining chairs and Mole armchair, Carlos Motta‘s outdoor Asturias armchairs and Etel Carmona‘s beautiful Maria Preciosa side tables. Check out entire slideshow and article here.