Clima Art Gallery at PINTA exhibition in Miami

Stand Felipe Siqueira - PINTA
Stand Felipe Siqueira PINTA MIAMI
Stand Felipe Siqueira PINTA MIAMI - deslize coffee table
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ESPASSO collaborated with Clima Art Gallery at PINTA exhibition, which took place from December 6-10 as part of Design Miami week.  The “Deslize” coffee table by Claudia Moreira Salles, “MF5” armchair by Branco & Preto, and “Tim” armchair by Carlos Motta were on display at the gallery stand.

ESPASSO collaborates with Luciana Brito Galeria during Art Basel Miami

LBG Art Basel 3
Luciana Brito Art Basel copy
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ESPASSO collaborated with Luciana Brito Galeria during Art Basel Miami, which took place from December 6-9, 2017.

Featured in the image are a pair of vintage “Pé de Ferro” armchairs by Lina Bo Bardi, vintage “Aranha” coffee table by Giuseppe Scapinelli, “Diz” armchair and “Mocho” stool by Sergio Rodrigues, as well as art by Pedro Caetano.

ESPASSO unveils its newly expanded Miami gallery

ESPASSO Miami entrance 1
Carlos Junqueira + Ronald Sasson MIA
AC + CJ Miami
Rodrigo Ohtake + Carlos Junqueira MIA 2
Arthur Casas Carlos Junqueira + Consulado BRA MIA
Brunch at ESPASSO Miami view from downstairs
Brunch at ESPASSO Miami upstairs
ESPASSO Miami inside 1
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2017 marked ESPASSO’s 15th year promoting the best of Brazilian design in the United States.

Due to a consist increase in demand for Brazilian design in Florida, ESPASSO felt it was time to expand its Miami gallery.

In the first week of December, ESPASSO celebrated the special milestone and the official re-opening of its newly expanded Ironside location with a brunch where designers Arthur Casas, Rodrigo Ohtake and Ronald Sasson were present to present their exclusive new pieces.

Our special thanks to the Consulate General of Brazil in Miami for their support with the event.

ESPASSO partners with Dado Castello Branco for Casa Cor Miami


ESPASSO is proud to announce our partnership with designer and architect Dado Castello Branco on the first edition of Casa Cor Miami.

This year, CASACOR – America’s most important collective exhibition on interior design, architecture, and landscape – celebrates its 30th anniversary with its inaugural North American exhibition with CASACOR Miami.

The CASACOR Miami Urban Lifestyle Design Residence will take place in RISE at Brickell City Centre, where more than 20 world-renowned and emerging design professionals will be presented the latest trends in interior furnishings, color, textiles, lighting, home accessories, as well as art, music, and global culture.

The space designed by Dado Castello Branco features The “JZ” Trolley and PO-801 armchair by Jorge Zalszupin, Balanço chair by Lina Bo Bardi, Aranha coffee table by Branco & Preto, and Trinco Stool by Lia Siqueira.

More images to come.

December 1 – 18, 2017
See the complete schedule here.

RISE at Brickell City Centre
88 SW 7th Street
Miami, Florida, 33130

Open House NY – 15th Edition

ESPASSO is proud to announce that it will be one of the sites opening for Open House New York on October 14, 2017.

We will be hosting two open dialogue talks from 1pm-2pm with architect Matthew Bremer from Architecture in Formation.

OHNY is an annual weekend-long event, where normally off-limits sites and attractions in New York open their doors to the public for one weekend only.

Visitors will be able to see more than 200 locations throughout the eventful weekend. From historic buildings, architectural masterpieces and landmarks to the best New York attractions, this is the perfect opportunity to explore and celebrate New York’s history and architecture.

ESPASSO N. Moore will be open from 11am – 6pm on Saturday, October 14.

We look forward to seeing you here!


38N. Moore Street

TriBeCa, New York

TriBeCa Art Night, Wednesday September 27

Tour JMKZ_Final Visual (1)
TAN_Edition5_ MAP
TAN_Edition5_ Participants and Addresses
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ESPASSO NY and ESPASSO Annex/ Luciana Brito – NY Project will be open from 6-8pm on Wednesday, September 27, to welcome visitors who will be following Tribeca Art+Culture Night tours and venues.

We would like to invite you to join the two tours that will be passing by ESPASSO Annex and ESPASSO NY.

The first tour starts at 6:30pm from ESPASSO Annex/ Luciana Brito – NY Project (186 Franklin St.) and will be a guided tour by design curator Aiden O’Connor which will focus on the relationship between art and design.

The second, which starts at 7:00pm from Cheryl Hazan Gallery, will be guided by curator Jasa McKenzie and will explore how facets of design can be applied to fine art.

Tribeca Art+Culture Night is a quarterly local festival that celebrates culture at large in Tribeca. This urban festival is specifically designed to embrace the diversity of creative expressions from drawing to design to crafts and much more. The event brings NYC’s community together around exhibitions, performances, talks and workshop.

For more information, please visit Tribeca Art+Culture Night website

We look forward to seeing you!

New Arrivals – ESPASSO London

Black alta chair and ottoman by Niemeyer
PO-801 new arrival London
Java chair at Espasso stairs copy
Rio Manso chair Carlos Motta
Favela 14_016 Casa LPA ZC_068.tif

Favela 14_016 Casa LPA ZC_068.tif

Vermelha Armchair by Campana Brothers - London
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ESPASSO London just received a new exclusive collection!

Included in their new arrivals selection are the iconic Alta chair by Oscar Niemeyer and the classic PO-801 by Jorge Zalszupin. Contemporary Brazilian designer Carlos Motta is also represented by his unique Java and Rio Manso chairs. The highly-desired Campana Bothers’ Favela and Vermelha armchairs are also on display. 

Known for their uniqueness and historical relevance, ESPASSO continues to bring to London the legacy of Brazilian design through original furniture pieces by some of Brazil’s most celebrated designers


Ruptura Exhibition at ESPASSO Annex / Luciana Brito- NY Project

Luciana Britto - Espasso Annex--3 copy
Luciana Britto - Espasso Annex--4 copy
Luciana Britto - Espasso Annex- copy
Luciana Brito - NY Project - Espasso Annex--2 copy
Luciana Brito - NY Project - Espasso Annex--5 copy
Luciana Brito - NY Project - Espasso Annex--9 copy
Luciana Brito - NY Project - Espasso Annex--11 copy
Luciana Brito - NY Project - Espasso Annex--14 copy
Luciana Brito - NY Project - Espasso Annex--15 copy
Luciana Brito - NY Project - Espasso Annex--18 copy
Luciana Brito - NY Project - Espasso Annex--19 copy
Luciana Brito - NY Project - Espasso Annex--20 copy
Luciana Brito - NY Project - Espasso Annex--21 copy
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On Wednesday, September 6th, Carlos Junqueira and Luciana Brito celebrated the opening of “Ruptura” – an in-depth exhibition of work by the São Paulo-based Grupo Ruptura.

Grupo Ruptura founded the Brazilian concrete art movement, which espoused the creation of universally apprehensible compositions through the use of color and geometry in sync with a modernizing society.

Espasso Annex / Luciana Brito NY Project, is an original collaboration between Carlos Junqueira and Luciana Brito aiming to explore the convergence of design and art through a Brazilian perspective.

The exhibition will be on view from September 6 – November 6, 2017 at ESPASSO Annex/ Luciana Brito NY Project at 186 Franklin Street in TriBeCa.

Campana Brothers: HYBRIDISM

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On September 07, the Campana Brothers celebrated the opening of their latest exhibition, HYBRIDISM.

Friedman Benda gallery is presenting Fernando and Humberto Campana in an immersive exhibition devoted to the theme of hybridism. The works are assemblages of materials and visual themes drawn from the Brothers’ immediate surroundings and will include deeply personal reflections and gestures juxtaposed with classical motifs.

Hybridism, informed by details, moods, and emotions, marks a point of departure for Estudio Campana as its most sculptural body of work to date. Humberto Campana explains, “With this exhibition we are playing much more with sculpture than with functionality. We manifest a dialogue between designer, artist, and sculptor. Fernando and I try to jump into the assemblage process unconsciously, allowing us a freedom and immediacy that goes beyond our practice to date.”

Campana Brothers: HYBRIDISM
September 7 – October 14, 2017
Friedman Benda, New York, NY

Photo courtesy of Friedman Benda

Open Studios night at ESPASSO London

Netil House Open Studios 2017-48
Netil House Open Studios 2017-52
Espasso London Open Studios Event - DJ
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On September 07, ESPASSO London celebrated the Open Studios evening at Netil House. Visitors found a world of creativity and surprises – from designers to architects, fashion designers to musicians – where visual installations, sample sales, photobooths and more were available for visitors to explore.

ESPASSO London welcomed our visitors with live music and Leblon cachaça drinks.