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LIFE OUTDOORS – Sergio Rodrigues outdoor ‘Tajá’ line


'Tajá' armchair by Sergio Rodrigues


Sergio Rodrigues inspecting the re-edition of his 1978 Tajá line.

dining chair

'Tajá' dining chair by Sergio Rodrigues

'Tajá' bar stool by Sergio Rodrigues

'Tajá' seatee by Sergio Rodrigues

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With Spring here and Summer fast approaching, ESPASSO is excited to introduce the much anticipated re-edition of Sergio Rodrigues‘ 1978 outdoor Tajá  line.

Suited for the outdoors the Tajá line is available in a natural wood finish and in 5 vibrant colors and includes a dining chair, armchair, settee and bar stool, made from FSC-Certified Eucalyptus.

With native woods, lively colors, flair and ease, the Tajá line shares some of the Brazilian outdoor culture and joi de vivre while bringing Rodrigues’ signature forms and iconic design to be enjoyed alfresco!

Manhattan Connection: Pedro Andrade interviews Claudia Moreira Salles

claudia interview

Claudia Moreira Salles and Manhattan Connection's Pedro Andrande

Pedro Andrade, host of the Brazilian program Manhattan Connection, interviews Claudia Moreira Salles on her first solo exhibition in the US, at ESPASSO.  Andrade asks Salles about her inspirations, the reception of her work in the US, and the fine line between art and design that her work explores. Check out the interview here.

The Growing Voice of Design in Latin America: WantedDesign Conversation Series

wanted design 1

Panelists Carlos Junqueira/ESPASSO, Guillermo Parada/GT2P (Chile) and Sebastian Ocampo (Mexico)

wanted design 2

Paul Clemence, Jacqueline Terpins and Carlos Junqueira

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As part of NYC X DESIGN, 2013, at the landmark Terminal Stores building in Chelsea, NY, the third edition of the WantedDesign event featured installations, workshops, film screenings and a conversation series, along with various international design exhibitors.

Earlier today, as part of the conversation series, Paul Clemence, Contributor Editor, Metropolis, moderated the conversation The Growing Voice of Design in Latin America with Sebastian Ocampo (Mexico), Jacqueline Terpins (Brazil), Guillermo Parada /GT2P (Chile) and Carlos Junqueira/ESPASSO.  Sponsored by Ligne Roset, supported by Metropolis Magazine, and hosted by Grimshaw.

Metropolis Magazine: The Essential Forms of Claudia Moreira Salles


Claudia Moreira Salles behind her Domino Bench, at a New York City loft. Photo: Alvaro Montagna

5-B1 table, photo by Paul Clemence-Alvaro Montagna

B1 table, photo by Paul Clemence-Alvaro Montagna

6-Book cover featuring Texturas table detial photo by Andreas Heiniger

Claudia Moreira salles book cover featuring Texturas table detial photo by Andreas Heiniger

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Paul Clemence’s insightful interview with Claudia Moreira Salles, for the Metropolis blog, on  her career’s 35th anniversary, new book and  retrospective show in New York City’s ESPASSO showroom. The interview also sheds light on Salles’ trajectory, inspirations, and her views on the current state of Brazilian design.

Claudia Moreira Salles exhibition and book launch at ESPASSO NY

Eliseu Cavalcante (Eliseu Cavalcante's conflicted copy 2013-05-16)

Claudia Moreira Salles seated at her 'Texturas' bench. Photo by Eliseu Cavalcante.

Eliseu Cavalcante-3

Installation view, foregrounded by Claudia Moreira Salles' 'Tangente' bench. Photo by Eliseu Cavalcante

Eliseu Cavalcante-8

Installation shot with 'Deslocado' bench by Claudia Moreira Salles. Photo by Eliseu Cavalcante.

Eliseu Cavalcante-12

Installation view with 'Lua' side tables and 'Dominó' bench by Claudia Moreira Salles. Photo by Eliseu Cavalcante

6-Book cover featuring Texturas table detial photo by Andreas Heiniger

Claudia Moreira Salles book cover featuring Texturas table detial photo by Andreas Heiniger


Claudia Moreira Salles and Pedro Andrade


Author Randy Charles Epping and BEI Editora's Marisa Moreira Salles and Tomas Alvim


ESPASSO's Carlos Junqueira, Claudia Moreira Salles, BEI Editora's Marisa Moreira Salles, psychoanalyst Dominique Fingerman, BEI Editora's Tomas Alvim, chef Mazzo França Pinto and Ana França Pinto, photographer Cristiano Mascaro and fashion designer Satiko Mascaro and chef Jun Sakamoto


Eduardo Constatini Jr. and Isay Weinfeld


Claudia Moreira Salles and Karen Stein


LinBrasil's Gisèle Pereira Schwartsbud and ESPASSO's Carlos Junqueira

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Last Thursday ESPASSO NY  opened the first solo exhibition of Claudia Moreira Salles in the US, unveiling several new pieces by one of the most important Brazilian designers working today.  The complete exhibition will be on view until June 2nd, and exemplifies  Salles’ refined and thoughtful practice that combines her technical and artistic expertise to blur the line between function and beauty. Drawing from industrial and organic materials, minimalist forms and traditional Brazilian woodwork techniques, some of the exhibition highlights include the sculptural Deslocado  and Tangente benches, employing solid woods, limestone and concrete, the interactive Bilhas and Limalha coffee tables, and the beautiful and impressive Cancan  and B1 dining tables, among other new standout pieces,  as well as contemporary classics from her career as the Cubo Libre coffee table and the Cosme Velho armchair.  Salles also signed copies of a new monograph on her work published by BEI Editoras, with a forward written by Karen Stein.


Claudia Moreira Salles exhibition and book launch at ESPASSO NY

NY times for blog
CMS-cancan 01

Can Can dining table by Claudia Moreira Salles

CMS-mesa texturas

Texturas coffee table by Claudia Moreira Salles

Cantante Lamp - Claudia Moreira Salles - Front 1

Cantante lamp by Claudia Moreira Salles

caludia invite 2
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ESPASSO and publishers BEĨ EDITORA are pleased to announce the launch of the new book CLAUDIA MOREIRA SALLES, which celebrates the work of one of Brazil’s leading contemporary furniture and interior designers. The launch coincides with the opening of the first solo exhibition, outside of Brazil, of Claudia’s latest pieces, taking place at ESPASSO.  The exhibit opens May 17th and will be on view until June 2nd.

CLAUDIA MOREIRA SALLES is the second book to survey her work and features text by Claudia describing select pieces created between 2005-2013. It also includes a forward and interview with Karen Stein, where Claudia discusses her creative process.

Claudia is recognized as one of the most important Brazilian designers working today. She recently collaborated with the Gagosian Gallery on its inaugural presentation in Brazil, designing a sculptural exhibition and booth that highlighted the gallery’s major works as part of the ArtRio fair. Her designs have also been featured in Brazil’s leading cultural centers including Convívios at Firma Casa, Paralelogramos at the Baró Galeria and the Museu da Casa Brasileira in São Paulo, as well as the Paço Imperial and Casa França Brasil in Rio de Janeiro.

“Claudia Moreira Salles is a true original, whose unique and thoughtful approach to design continues to inspire and influence many people today. ESPASSO is honored to be partnering with BEĨ EDITORA to launch its new book and exhibit Claudia’s latest pieces, so that others can familiarize themselves with the work of Brazil’s leading designers,” said ESPASSO’s owner and curator Carlos Junqueira.


Etel Interiores turns 20


Etel Interiores turns 20!


Tea Trolley by Gregori Warchavchic, part of the Etel collection


Ondas sideboard by Arthur Casas, part of the Etel collection.

Dinamarquesa (Brown) - Jorge Zalszupin (4)

Dinamarquesa armchair by Jorge Zalszupin


Vila Rica sideboard by Etel Carmona, part of the Etel collection


Toto bar by Isay Weinfeld, part of the Etel collection


Siri armchair by Claudia Moreira Salles, part of the Etel collection


Estrela chair by Carlos Motta, part of the Etel collection


Livre desk by Lia Siqueira, part of the Etel collection

0054 - Duas Cores

Duas Cores coffee table by Branco & Preto, part of the Etel collection

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Designer and entrepreneur Etel Carmona, founder of Etel Interiors, opened her very first shop 20 years ago.  Since then Carmona singlehandedly has been responsible for the re-edition of some of the most seminal and recognizable Brazilian mid-century design by Modernist masters such as Jorge ZalszupinGregori Warchavchic and design group Branco & Preto , and the high-end production of pieces by some of the most important contemporary Brazilian architects and designers, including Carlos Motta, Claudia Moreira Salles, Arthur Casas, Lia Siqueira, Isay Weinfeld and Etel Carmona herself. With incomparable craftsmanship, utmost attention to details and certified woods, the pieces from Etel Interiors transcend their beauty and function, as they also represent the rich legacy and history of Brazilian design.

In celebration of their first 20 years, today, May 7th,  the Etel Interiores showroom in São Paulo will open an exhibition featuring iconic pieces from the Etel collection from the past 20 years, paying special hommage and unveiling new re-editions  pieces by master Jorge Zalszupin.  The exhibition will also announce the highly anticipated  launch of re-edition pieces by Anna Maria e Oscar Niemeyer, further establishing Etel Interiores as the most comprehensive site for Brazilian Modern and contemporary design.

ESPASSO is incredibly happy and proud to have partnered with Etel Interiores since it first opened, sharing the best of Brazilian design to the world, and will soon launch the new Zalszupin re-editions as well as the incredible pieces by Anna Maria e Oscar Niemeyer. 

Congratulations Etel Interiores!