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Brasil Summerfest NYC 2013

Eliseu Cavalcante-5-2

Gaby Amarantos performs in Central Park SUmmerStage. Photo Eliseu Cavalcante.

Eliseu Cavalcante-5-4

Marcelo D2 of Planet Hemp. Photo by Eliseu Cavalcante.

Eliseu Cavalcante-28

Emicida performing at Central Park SummerStage. Photo by Eliseu Cavalcante.

Eliseu Cavalcante-19

Rael at Joe's Pub. Photo by Eliseu Cavalcante.

Eliseu Cavalcante_B&W-9

Planet Hemp. Photo by Eliseu Cavalcante.

Eliseu Cavalcante-4

Toninho Horta performing at Joe's Pub. Photo Eliseu Cavalcante.


Tulipa Ruiz. Photo by Eliseu Cavalcante.


ESPASSO's Carlos Junqueira and Seu Jorge.


Béco Dranoff and ESPASSO's Carlos Junqueira

Eliseu Cavalcante

Rael, Seu jorge, Marcelo D2 and DJ Nuts jam at Nublu. Photo by Eliseu Cavalcante.

Eliseu Cavalcante-75-2

Tulipa Ruiz performing at City Winery. Photo by Eliseu Cavalcante.

Eliseu Cavalcante-44

Marcelo D2 and Seu Jorge performing at Central Park. Photo by Eliseu Cavalcante.

Eliseu Cavalcante-29-2

B Negão, Gaby Amarantos and Marcelo D2. photo by Eliseu Cavalcante.

Eliseu Cavalcante-3

Alexia Bomtempo performance at the Living Room. Photo by Eliseu Cavalcante.

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The 3rd edition of the ever growing Brasil Summerfest NYC saw diverse Brazilian musical outfits performing in various venues around NY – from Central Park SummerStage to the Blue Note to the Brooklyn Public Library.  “Already a New York Summer marker, this was a fun and intense week with Brazilian shows and movies all over town. I’m ready for the 2014 installment!” says Béco Dranoff, one of the musical programmers of the festival and loyal disseminator of Brazilian culture – check out a recent NPR interview with Dranoff, where he talks in-depth about the festival here.

The festival included performances by veteran luminaries such as Toninho Horta, soulful samba crooner Seu Jorge and pioneering hip-hop Brazilian group Planet Hemp, as younger musical acts attested to the new waves of music coming out of Brazil today; notably Gaby Amarantos, a recent runway-hit pop superstar from Pará (Norhtern Amazonian state) whose dynamic and colorful sounds mesh regional genres with electronic music, and the pop-centric chanteuse Tulipa Ruiz, whose fresh contemporary approach reinterprets and pays heed to bossa nova, lounge and pop.

Official festival photographer Eliseu Cavlacante documented the festival, and shared the photos with our blog.

The New York Times – Tajá line by Sergio Rodrigues


On the Currents section of today’s New York Times, Stephen Milioti spotlights the re-edition of Sergio Rodrigues 1978 Tajá line .  An extroverted group of furniture, the Tajá line is  available in bright colors and natural wood, and offers a fun summer look for any outdoors setting!

Robb Report Home & Style – Lounge Acts

BR 1

For the Second Look column, on Robb Report Home & Style Summer issue, Sheila Gibson Stoodley highlights 3 pieces by ‘the father of Brazilian modernism’ Sergio Rodrigues that are  as fresh and innovative now as they were when originally conceived: the Mole and Voltaire armchairs, designed in 1958 and 1965 respectively, and the recent Xibô lamp from 2004.


Robb Report Home & Style – Beauty and the Beach

Robb Report Home & Style July/August cover copy. Photo by James Silverman.

Photo by James Silverman.


Photo by James Silverman.


Photo by James Silverman.


Photo by James Silverman.


Photo by James Silverman.


Photo by James Silverman.


Photo by James Silverman.


Photo by James Silverman.


Photo by James Silverman.


Photo by James Silverman.

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Studio Arthur Casas‘ beautiful residential project in São Paulo coast’s Praia da Baleia  graces the cover of the Summer issue of Robb Report Home & Style.  The 6,200 sq. ft. villa features Casas’ signatures clean geometry, open space and environmental awareness, seen in his use of local materials and ingenious solutions.  Part of the villa’s cooling system is regulated by adjustable louvered Cumaru wood walls and vents, and strategic landscape design: as the grass atop the living room’s roof helps maintain the house cool, provides shade and serves as a lawn.

Casas custom designed several pieces for the villa’s interior, such as the living room sofa and coffee table, interspersed among classic modern Brazilian pieces as Sergio Rodrigues‘ Mole armchair, as an iconic vintage armchair by Jean Gillon accentuates the bedroom.  Full articled can be read here.

Estado de São Paulo – Conexão Estados Unidos

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 2.56.53 PM
Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 12.20.56 PM
Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 2.57.26 PM
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This past Sunday design and architecture journalist Marcelo Lima dedicated a 15-page layout on  Casa –  Brazilian newspaper Estado de São Paulo‘s Sunday magazine – to the current dialogue between Brazilian and American trends and production in design and architecture.

The spread includes tours of New York apartments, some designed by Brazilian designers working in the US,  an interview with American architect Suchitra Reddy ,and  the lowdown of this year’s New York’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), Chicago’s Neocon and the first installment of New York’s Collective Design Fair.   Lima also highlighted ESPASSO as the premiere site for Brazilian design outside of Brazil, and shed light on the US production of furniture, designed  by Carlos MottaArthur Casas and Claudia Moreira Salles, exclusively for ESPASSO.  Full article can be read here.

The New York Times – Armchairs With Big Personalities

NYT 11
Vronka Armchair- Sergio Rodrigues

Vronka armchair by Sergio Rodrigues, designed in 1962.

Dinamarquesa - Jorge Zalszupin - Pair

Dinamarquesa armchair by Jorge Zalszupin designed in 1952.

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On the Home & Garden section of the New York Times today, New York-based interior designer Neal Beckstedt reveals that often times the personality of an armchair dictates the feel of his projects.  Due to that Beckstedt says he usually selects the armchair for a space before any other pieces.  For the article, The New York Times followed Beckstedt on a tour of ‘big personality’ armchairs around Manhattan, including a visit to the ESPASSO showroom where Beckstedt was smitten by Jorge Zalszupin‘s Dinamarquesa and Sergio Rodrigues‘ Vronka as vivacious alternatives to conventional modern amrchairs: “You don’t always want to sit in a cube,  … I just love chairs that are sculptural.” Read entire article here.

ELLE DECOR – Truth in Decorating

Elle paulistano 5
Elle Paulistano3
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Elle Decor’s current issue, Summer at Its Best, featured the outdoor Paulistano armchair, designed by Pritzker prize laureate Paulo Mendes da Rocha in 1957, as an ideal Summer seating option in the column Truth in Decorating.  In the feature, designers Kristen Mcginnis and Jamie Drake express their love for the Paulistano, as Drake equates it to the joy of being held in a cradle, while Mcginnis relates:  “I love the bounce factor. You could hang out in this all day long. It’s so comfortable.”


A ‘Rio’ kind of Summer!

Rio group

Outdoor Rio dining chair by Carlos Motta.


Outdoor Rio dining chair by Carlos Motta.


Outdoor Rio dining chair by Carlos Motta.

Rio Nude

Outdoor Rio dining chair by Carlos Motta.

Rio avocado

Outdoor Rio dining chair by Carlos Motta.

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Just in time for Summer it is just natural that Carlos Motta‘s  recent hit Rio dining chair would receive an outdoor version, seeing the piece celebrates the sunny and vibrant atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro with its famous beaches, mountains and effervescent outdoor culture.

With weather-proof acrylic seat and back, the new outdoor Rio dining chair will charm any open air setting!  The frame of the Rio is made from FSC-Certified Eucalyptus and smartly complements the eye-catching acrylic seat and back, which are available in cheerful primary colors and in  stylish ‘candy color’ pastels.

As an hommage to the Cidade Maravilhosa (nickname Brazilians tenderly refer to Rio by – translating to ‘marvelous city’) Motta encapsulates  the “…sweetness, beauty,  salty air,  and joy of the cariocas” in the functional, versatile and playful design of the Rio chair.

CASA International: Tribeca Fractal Pad


Casa International Magazine - Tribeca Fractal Pad designed by Architecture In Formation. Paulistana armchair by Jorge Zalsuzpin, Ice Bucket by Isay Weinfeld


Casa International Magazine - Tribeca Fractal Pad designed by Architecture In Formation. Cantante lamp by Claudia Moreira Salles.


Casa International Magazine - Tribeca Fractal Pad designed by Architecture In Formation. Radar armchair by Carlos Motta.


Casa International Magazine - Tribeca Fractal Pad designed by Architecture In Formation. Detail of Arthur Casas' custom-made, wall-mounted bedside table.


Casa International Magazine - Tribeca Fractal Pad designed by Architecture In Formation. Arthur Casas' custom-made, wall-mounted bedside table.


Casa International cover

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This month’s issue of Beijing-based design publication Casa International, featured Architecture In Formation’s Tribeca Fractal Pad project: a 3,000 sq.ft. loft in  Manhattan’s fashionable Tribeca area.  The project contrasts a futuristic feel, with its stark white, faceted interior walls, with the warmth  provided by Brazilian furniture, both modern and contemporary.

While Jorge Zalsuzpin‘s Paulistana armchair flanks the  foyer of the loft, Arthur Casas‘ Zumbi chaise and a Sergio Rodrigues‘ vintage Parati armchair complete the living-room area, accented with home accessories such as Isay Weinfeld‘s Ice Bucket. The master bedroom is gently lit by Claudia Moreira Salles‘ Cantante lamp, and also includes Carlos Motta’s revolving Radar  armchair and Arthur Casas’ custom-made bedside table.

Artinfo: The Language of Brazilian Design – A Q&A With Claudia Moreira Salles

CMS artinfo

Cancan dining table by Claudia Moreira Salles


Tangente bench by Claudia Moreira Salles


Cantante lamp by Claudia Moreira Salles


Texturas coffee table by Claudia Moreira Salles

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Artinfo’s in-depth interview with Claudia Moreira Salles on her recent NY solo show at ESPASSO, the current boom of Brazilian design internationally and her inspirations,  processes and materials of choice.  Full interview and slideshow can be read here.