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New Arrivals – ESPASSO London

Black alta chair and ottoman by Niemeyer
PO-801 new arrival London
Java chair at Espasso stairs copy
Rio Manso chair Carlos Motta
Favela 14_016 Casa LPA ZC_068.tif

Favela 14_016 Casa LPA ZC_068.tif

Vermelha Armchair by Campana Brothers - London
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ESPASSO London just received a new exclusive collection!

Included in their new arrivals selection are the iconic Alta chair by Oscar Niemeyer and the classic PO-801 by Jorge Zalszupin. Contemporary Brazilian designer Carlos Motta is also represented by his unique Java and Rio Manso chairs. The highly-desired Campana Bothers’ Favela and Vermelha armchairs are also on display. 

Known for their uniqueness and historical relevance, ESPASSO continues to bring to London the legacy of Brazilian design through original furniture pieces by some of Brazil’s most celebrated designers


Campana Brothers: HYBRIDISM

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On September 07, the Campana Brothers celebrated the opening of their latest exhibition, HYBRIDISM.

Friedman Benda gallery is presenting Fernando and Humberto Campana in an immersive exhibition devoted to the theme of hybridism. The works are assemblages of materials and visual themes drawn from the Brothers’ immediate surroundings and will include deeply personal reflections and gestures juxtaposed with classical motifs.

Hybridism, informed by details, moods, and emotions, marks a point of departure for Estudio Campana as its most sculptural body of work to date. Humberto Campana explains, “With this exhibition we are playing much more with sculpture than with functionality. We manifest a dialogue between designer, artist, and sculptor. Fernando and I try to jump into the assemblage process unconsciously, allowing us a freedom and immediacy that goes beyond our practice to date.”

Campana Brothers: HYBRIDISM
September 7 – October 14, 2017
Friedman Benda, New York, NY

Photo courtesy of Friedman Benda

Campana Brothers: Wood at Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sweden


Campana Brothers

Brazilian design duo extraordinaire the Campana Brothers will open the site-specific room installation, Wood, at Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sweden, on November 2nd.  Inspired by nature and composed of straw and wood, Wood marks the first exhibition of the Campanas in Sweden, which will extend to a program of workshops and lectures during the run of the exhibition.  “We have moved into the nature and the message is to let nature take back its rightful place among the people,” says Humberto Campana. Check here for more info.

XOP Magazine Spotlights ESPASSO Accessories

Campana pillows

Soft Reptil pillows by the Campana Brothers


Wooden accessories by Etel Carmona, IW Ice Bucket by Isay Weinfeld and 'Árvore' sculpture by Jose Bento


Ruda bowl by Etel Carmona


Soft Reptil pillows by the Campana Brothers

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Brazilian-designed home accessories from ESPASSO were spotlighted on the current issue of XOP,  the first and only bilingual Portuguese/English quarterly luxury lifestyle magazine.  Included are the cozy and artsy Soft Reptil pillow collection designed by Brazilian design duo extraordinaire Campana Brothers, and the one-of-a-kind wooden bowls Rudá and Taboa designed by Etel Carmona, from fallen native Brazilian tree trunks. Both collections, along a hand-picked home accessories selection, are in-stock and available for purchase at ESPASSO’s online shop. Check out articles here.

Campana Brothers’ exhibition ‘Concepts’ opens at Friedman Benda Gallery, NY


Campana Brothers, Amethyst Cabinet, 2013 Glass and amethyst


Campana Brothers, Racket Screen 1, 2013 Racket Screen 2, 2013 Racket Chair (Tennis), 2013 Brass tubes and woven nylon.


Campana Brothers, Boca Shelf, 2013 Cowhide and brass covering fiberglass and aluminum structure.


Campana Brothers, Racket Chair (Circles), 2013 Brass tubes and woven nylon.


Campana Brothers, Alligator Couch in Leather, 2012 Banquete Alligator in Leather, 2012 Leather stuffed alligator toys, canvas cover, stainless steel and brass structure.


Campana Brothers, Natural wicker fiber covering stainless steel structure.


Campana Brothers, Pirarucu Cabinet, 2013 Pirarucu's leather and straw covering wood structure.


Campana Brothers, Pirarucu Cabinet (detail), 2013 Pirarucu's leather and straw covering wood structure

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Opening today, at Friedman Benda Gallery, is the first US gallery solo exhibition of renowned design duo Campana Brothers.

Quite possibly the most internationally influential and acclaimed Brazilian contemporary designers around, the exhibition introduces new bodies of work that exemplify the playful, conceptual and critical practice of the Campana Brothers.

Known for utilizing unexpected materials to compose their work, the exhibition features their new Boca (mouth) series, that combines cow hide, brass, Fiberglass and aluminum; the wonderfully inventive Alligator sofa and armchair,  made up of numerous stuffed leather alligator toys,  made by OrientaVida (an NGO that employs underprivileged women); the magical  Amethyst cabinet, a glass vitrine adorned with São Paulo-sourced amethyst rocks, the Pirarucu cabinet,  entirely upholstered with the sustainably harvested tanned and leathered skin of the Brazilian Pirarucu (the world’s largest fresh water fish), among other captivating and innovative pieces.

The Campana Brothers’ choice and play of materials reveal a whimsical approach to their work, simultaneously conjuring humor, criticality and social awareness; disparate materials commingle and are often repurposed or outsourced from sustainable/fair trade productions, and are elevated into a fantastical realm of high-end design while still retaining indexes of their origin and sociocultural properties.