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The Pioneering Work of Gregori Warchavchik


Interior of Casa Rua Santa Cruz, featuring the original designs of the Banquette stools and Circular side table by Gregori Warchavchik


Interior of Casa Rua Santa Cruz, featuring the original design of the Circular side table by Gregori Warchavchik


Casa da Rua Santa Cruz by Gregori Warchavchik


Detail of Zumbi chaise by Arthur Casas, vintage slid wood armchairs by José Zanine Cladas, Leque magazine holder by Gregori Warchavchik and artwork by Daniel Senise


Vila RIca sideboard by Etel Carmona, Dinamarquesa armchair by Jorge Zaslzupin, Circular side table by Gregori Warchavchik and photographs by Mauro Restiffe.


Revisteiro side table by Gregori Warchavchik


GW tea trolley by Gregori Warchavchik, Aram bottle by Etel Carmona, MF5 by Branco & Preto, artwork by Nicolau Vergueiro.


GW tea trolley by Gregori Warchavchik, Vogel desk and filing cabinet and wooden accessories by Etel Carmona, Lara dining chair and Fresta dining table by Claudia Moreira Salles, artwork by Nicolau Vergueiro.


Banquette stool by Gregori Warchavchik


GW tea trolley by Gregori Warchavchik


Circular side table by Gregori Warchavchik


Gregori Warchavchik

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Etel Interiores single-handedly maintains masterpieces of Brazilian modern design in production, as their esteemed atelier re-edits pieces by luminaries as Jorge Zalszupin, Branco & Preto and Paulo Werneck among others.  Etel also reissues the few pieces designed by pioneer modernist architect Gregori Warchavchik, and recently featured his story on their blog, translated below:

In the early 1920’s Brazil witnessed a creative wellspring revolution in the arts.  In February of 1922, Anita Malfatti, Mário de Andrade, Oswald de Andrade and many other artists were united at the Teatro Municipal de São Paulo for the Semana de Arte Modern (Modern Art Week).  Betting on innovation and originality, they sought to break past paradigms, creating a new outlook on the Brazilian artistic production.  Amid such creativity, an embryonic national architecture movement was also born.  Within this promising context, Ukraine-born Gregori Warchavchik found space to present his architecture.  Known as a Modernist architect, Warchavchik believed that homes should function as machines to live in.  In his firm and straight lines, he sought for houses and buildings free from constraints of the past, with an aesthetic that reflected the effervescent culture of the time.  In 1928 Warchavchik created the first modern house of Brazil, located at Rua Santa Cruz in São Paulo.  Warchavchik was concerned with every detail of his projects, from façade to décor, developing modernist furnishings revolutionary for the epoch.  The Banquette stools, GW tea trolley, Circular side table and Leque magazine holder turned into symbols of modern furniture, currently re-edited by Etel Interiores and available in the US exclusively at ESPASSO. Check out original post here.