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ESPASSO unveils its newly expanded Miami gallery

ESPASSO Miami entrance 1
Carlos Junqueira + Ronald Sasson MIA
AC + CJ Miami
Rodrigo Ohtake + Carlos Junqueira MIA 2
Arthur Casas Carlos Junqueira + Consulado BRA MIA
Brunch at ESPASSO Miami view from downstairs
Brunch at ESPASSO Miami upstairs
ESPASSO Miami inside 1
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2017 marked ESPASSO’s 15th year promoting the best of Brazilian design in the United States.

Due to a consist increase in demand for Brazilian design in Florida, ESPASSO felt it was time to expand its Miami gallery.

In the first week of December, ESPASSO celebrated the special milestone and the official re-opening of its newly expanded Ironside location with a brunch where designers Arthur Casas, Rodrigo Ohtake and Ronald Sasson were present to present their exclusive new pieces.

Our special thanks to the Consulate General of Brazil in Miami for their support with the event.

Design Currents: Zanini De Zanine, Oki Sato, Faye Toogood. Don’t Miss It!


Zanini Philadelphia 1

Design Currents exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art will be presenting the work of three contemporary designers — Brazilian Zanini de Zanine, Oki Sato of Tokyo, and Faye Toogood of London — who deftly use handcrafted and industrial materials and techniques to create functional yet deeply expressive objects.

Design Currents will be open from November 19, 2016 – March 12, 2017, so be sure to schedule a quick trip to the museum for the unique chance of seeing it in person.

Maison & Objets Americas 2015 – Zanini de Zanine, Designer of the Year


Espasso armchair by Zanini de Zanine


Zanini de Zanine solo exhibition at ESPASSO. September 2013.


Zanini de Zanine solo exhibition at ESPASSO. September 2013.


Escoras candle holder by Zanini de Zanine. Production still.


Zanini de Zanine pitcher.


Anil armchair by Zanini de Zanine.

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Brazilian designer Zanini de Zanine has just been named Designer of the Year 2015 by Maison & Objets Americas.  Born in 1978, Zanini is the son of seminal architect and designer José Zanini Caldas, who worked with Oscar Niemeyer and Lúcio Costa, learning and observing first hand the carpentry and design of his father.  Zanini also trained with Sergio Rodrigues in the late 1990’s, and completed his industrial design degree, from the Puc-Rio University, in 2002. Over the years his furniture has gone on to be exhibited at major shows in Milan, London, Brussels and Los Angeles. The Museu Oscar Niemeyer and Mercado Moderno in Brazil have recently featured a 10-year retrospective of his work, as Zanini continues to win numerous international awards, and featured on the .  Zanini recently has also  organized exhibits focusing on modern design for Berlin’s Zeitlos Gallery and Lisbon’s Museum of Fashion and Design and had a solo exhibition at ESPASSO, NY, in the fall of 2013, where he showcased both industrialized pieces, such as his Moeda armchair, and hand-crafted solid wood limited editions, as well as launching the Espasso armchair, designed and sold exclusively at ESPASSO.

Zanini de Zanine Announced as the First Designer of the Year for the Inaugural Maison & Objet Americas

Wallpaper ZZ copy1
Poltrona Vazada2
Poltrona Vazada3
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Zanini de Zanine was announced as the first Designer of the Year for the inaugural Maison & Objet Americas, launching in Miami Beach in May 2015.  As Michael Reynold’s shares with Wallpaper* magazine his photo diary of Design Miami and Art Basel Miami Beach 2014, amid his selections is the Vazada armchair, by Zanini de Zanine, shown at the exhibition Em Trânsito at The Shore Club, organized by ESPASSO. Check out Reynold’s entire photo diary here.

Monocle – Zanini de Zanine

Monocle ZZ2
Monocle ZZ1
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Zanini de Zanine opened the doors of his atelier for the current issue of Monocle, revealing his methodology, materials and processes of choice and his intrinsic relation to wood, due to his growing up watching his father, seminal furniture designer and woodworker José Zanine Caldas, bring some of the most seminal pieces in Brazilian design to life.

New York Magazine – Best Bets: Zanini de Zanine’s Espasso Armchair


Espasso armchair by Zanini de Zanine.


Espasso armchair by Zanini de Zanine.


Espasso armchair by Zanini de Zanine.


Espasso armchair by Zanini de Zanine.


Zanini de Zanine seated at his Espasso armchair

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New York Magazine’s October 28th issue highlights Zanini de Zanine‘s Espasso armchair in their Best Bets column.  Designed exclusively for ESPASSO, the Espasso armchair finds an innovative silhouette in a comfortable and functional design. Made in NY, the Espasso armchair is exemplary of Zanine’s forward-thinking and clean approach.

Zanini de Zanine: Carioca Sangue Bom

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Design and architecture curator and writer Consuelo Cornelsen spotlights the ingenious works of Brazilian furniture designer Zanini de Zanine in the current issue of the trimestral lifestyle magazine One.  Contextualizing Zanini’s work to that of his father José Zanine Caldas’ pioneering carpentry, Cornelsen identifies the legacy carried through and also hails Zanini to be a key voice representing the new generation of Brazilian designers.

Zanini de Zanine at ESPASSO NY

Zanini de Zanine install  6

Zanini de Zanine seated at his Especie armchair

10026971113_d7c5e9cfc2_b (2)

Espasso armchair by Zanini de Zanine


Balanço chaise by Zanini de Zanine

Zanini de Zanine install 10

Longo bench by Zanini de Zanine

Zanini de Zanine install 3

Moeda armchair by Zanini de Zanine

Zanini de Zanine install 2

Roxinho coffee table by Zanini de Zanine

Zanini de Zanine install  9

Anil armchair by Zanini de Zanine

Zanini de Zanine install  7

Joa stools by Zanini de Zanine

Jose Zanine Caldas vintage metal armchair

Vintage metal armchair by José Zanine Caldas

Jose Zanine Caldas solid wood ca. 1970

Vintage solid wood armchair and coffee table by José Zanine Caldas

Zanini de Zanine install  4

Roxinho coffee table and Escoras candle holders by Zanini de Zanine

9968100073_310ece55d3_b (1)

Photo by Marcela Cussolin.


Michael Tavani, Filipe Diniz and Amauri Aguiar. Photo by Marcela Cussolin


Zanini de Zanine, Paula Dib, Edgard Gouveia Jr. and Paulo Lima. Photo by Marcela Cussolin


Photo by Marcela Cussolin.


Zanini de Zanine and Carlos Junqueira. Photo by Marcela Cussolin


Carlos Junqueira, Raul Mourão and Terry Berkowitz. Photo by Marcela Cussolin


Zanini de Zanine and Marcia Grostein. Photo by Marcela Cussolin


Cristiana Mascarenhas and Carlos Junqueira. Photo by Marcela Cussolin


Paula Dib, Carlos Junqueira and Edgard Gouveia Jr. Photo by Marcela Cussolin.


Photo by Marcela Cussolin


Zanini de Zanine. Photo by Marcela Cussolin


Mercedes Cordeiro, Gisele Schwartsbud and Paula Dib. Photo by Marcela Cussolin


Paulo Lima and Carlos Junqueira. Photo by Marcela Cussolin

Photo by Marcela Cussolin.

Jones Bergamin and Raul Mourão. Photo by Marcela Cussolin.

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Check out images of Zanini de Zanine‘s solo exhibition and of the lively opening that took place last Thursday at ESPASSO NY.  The exhibition marks the introduction of Zanine’s masterful work to the ESPASSO collection as two new pieces designed by Zanine were launched: the sharp Espasso armchair, he designed exclusively for the occasion, and the candle holder Escoras, manufactured by esteemed home accessories brand Riva.  During the opening an insightful talk between Zanine, award-winner designer Paula Dib and architect and activist Edgard Gouveia Jr., took place, focusing on contemporary cultural productions that engage in a social and/or ecological approach. The talk was mediated by Paulo Lima, as part of the Trip Transformadores initiative.

Zanini de Zanine solo exhibition at ESPASSO NY

home 2

Espasso armchair by Zanini de Zanine

home 3

Balanço Chaise by Zanini de Zanine

Moeda armchari - Zanini de Zanine_

Moeda armchair by Zanini de Zanine

Especie armchair2 - Zanini de Zanine

Especie armchair by Zanini de Zanine

home 1

Zanini de Zanine's atelier in Rio de Janeiro

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ESPASSO is pleased to announce the opening of the first major New York exhibition by noted furniture designer Zanini de Zanine. The show will also feature works by his late father José Zanini Caldas, a seminal name in Brazilian 20th Century design, marking the first time in the US or abroad, furniture by both designers will be exhibited together.

The exhibit will launch two new pieces designed by Zanine, the ESPASSO  Armchair and Escoras candle holder, as the Anil and Tiss chairs will be shown for the first time outside of Brazil.   The exhibit will also feature original works by his father Caldas – pieces sculpted out of solid woods – along with re-editions of his 1950’s iconic industrialized line.

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