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ESPASSO collaborates with Luciana Brito Galeria during Art Basel Miami

LBG Art Basel 3
Luciana Brito Art Basel copy
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ESPASSO collaborated with Luciana Brito Galeria during Art Basel Miami, which took place from December 6-9, 2017.

Featured in the image are a pair of vintage “Pé de Ferro” armchairs by Lina Bo Bardi, vintage “Aranha” coffee table by Giuseppe Scapinelli, “Diz” armchair and “Mocho” stool by Sergio Rodrigues, as well as art by Pedro Caetano.

Espasso Annex is now open!

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Espasso Annex, the latest venture from Espasso founder Carlos Junqueira, is a gallery dedicated to showcasing vintage and limited edition Brazilian furniture. In addition, the Annex has forged a collaboration with Sao Paulo’s Luciana Brito Galeria – one of the leading art galleries in Brazil. As part of Luciana Brito’s New York Project, three curated exhibitions will be presented throughout the next twelve months.

Espasso Annex was created as a compliment to nearby Espasso, to meet the growing demand of its customers for vintage and rare furniture by its roster of acclaimed Brazilian designers. The new location will allow the original Espasso, and its locations in Los Angeles, Miami and London, to expand upon its exclusive collection of contemporary designers, including re-edition furniture and accessories.

Espasso Annex  
186 Franklin Street
New York, NY  10013

Monday-Saturday: By appointment only
Sunday: Closed

Phone: 212.219.0017
Fax: 212.219.0044

Espasso Hosts Brunch to Celebrate Stella, Etel and Giz


During Miami Art Basel, ESPASSO celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Stella chair, a beloved piece by design icon Sergio Rodrigues. First created in 1956, Sergio Rodrigues’ “Stella” armchair comes in two versions: with a low or high back. ESPASSO fans might already be familiar with the Stella’s low version, but we are proud to add the first ever re-edition of the high back armchair to our collection this holiday season.


Sketch by Sergio Rodrigues(1)Chifruda

Original Sketch of Chifruda armchair by Sergio Rodrigues

Rodrigues and Chifruda

Sergio Rodirgues seated at his Chifruda armchair

KN - Mole

Kim Novak seated at Rodrifues' Mole armchair in 1966

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Houzz’s Cathy Lara’s Sergio Rodrigues feature, looks at the resurgence of his design, the recent openings of his shop in shop at both ESPASSO NY and LA and the design of his Chifruda armchair. Check out the article here.